Your Central Florida Handyman & Refab Experts

Your Central Florida Handyman & Refab Experts

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Maintenance Work & Full Home Refab

Tile-work, Drywall Replacement, Painting, Cabinet Resurfacing, Carpentry, Ceiling Repair, Counter-top Installation, Mold and Trim Repair, Caulking, Door Installation, Furniture Assembly, Deck Cleaning. 

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We service the following Central Florida communities: Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Sanford, Edgewater, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast , and Cocoa Beach. 

Charitable Organization

A portion of our profits support veterans services including work training skills and meditation programs for PTSD treatment. 



Our skilled team can change toilets,  hot water heaters, water leak repairs, and much more.


Painting Touchups

Trained professionals can help touch up and perform drywall repair and painting services.


Full Refab

Specialized to take your property, refab, or foreclosure through the full renovation stage. 

Proud to Serve

Anthony Zender - VRS Chief Operations Officer

Hello I am a honorably discharged Marine.  During my time in the Marines I served as an Infantry Assaultman and I was deployed to Fallujah Iraq in 2004. When I was there my fellow Marines and I witnessed horrific acts of violence that have had a lasting impression on our lives. 

After I was discharged I saw how many veterans needed help and decided to take action by co-founding Veterans Repair Shield which aims to provides vets with job vocational training skills in the construction industry while incorporating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder emotional release techniques before the workday for all our volunteers and staff. As a 501c3 nonprofit charity we also aim to give back to the community, by providing severely disabled vets a free place to live thanks generous grants and donations from people like you. Our biggest long term goal is to build a state of the art PTSD rehabilitation center in Orlando, FL which utilizes the most advanced biofeedback and virtual reality technologies to assist the recovery of veterans and individuals suffering from trauma and PTSD. Please consider supporting us with your generous tax-deductible donations. Also we also welcome creative thinkers to our team, if you like to join us in a joint venture with your local 501c3, foundation, or corporate level programs then please contact us. Together with your help we can bring wellness to veterans on their path of recovery.

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Veterans Repair Shield

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